Mom has Alzhiemer's and lives with me. Recently she wakes up in the middle of the night and claps so loud that wakes every one up! Talks loudly and or walks around! What's happening with her especially with clapping? Besides giving sleeping meds, are there other ways to stop this behavior? Are there any less harmful ways besides sleeping meds to get her to sleep through the night?

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Night issues are very common with AD. Getting days confused with nights and circadian rhythms mixed up go with the territory too, unfortunately. "If only" a remedy could be found to cure the wakefulness at night, many a problem would be solved for those who suffer, both the patient AND the care takers who live with them.

My mother is in the moderately advanced stage of dementia & rarely sleeps much at night. She lives in a Memory Care ALF so the caregivers are there 24/7 and can tend to her middle of the night issues. Nothing has worked as far as helping her sleep............sleeping pills are a no-go b/c she falls constantly as it is and sleep aids just add to that problem. People have had luck with CBD oil and one poster here swears by the BioMat mini he got for his mom with AD, which he said turned her from a lion into a lamb. Calmed her down to the extent she sleeps like a baby. It's a large heating pad type of thing with amethyst crystals inside, Google it for the facts.

AD and dementia can reach the point where in-home care becomes impossible, as it requires a village to care for these patients. Speak to your mom's doctor for guidance I guess.

Wishing you the best of luck with the issues you and she are facing.
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OneBlueMoon Mar 2021
Thank you for your information. Talked to the pharmacist regarding melatonin and the interaction with her meds and he said it is okay and won't have the side effects of most sleeping meds and dizziness. It will regulate her circadian rhythms and won't be harmful bc humans body makes it naturally.
Hopfully it will work🙏🙏🙏
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If she is wandering at night that poses a bigger problem than talking or clapping.
There is a possibility that she could get out of the house and be long gone before you are aware of it.
There are medications that can reduce anxiety.
Is she experiencing hallucinations? Is that the reason for the talking and clapping? Maybe she sees something and is trying to "shoo" it out of the room or the house. Clapping and talking to it would be a way to "get it moving"
Is she active during the day so that she would sleep through the night?
Is she eating or drinking late before she goes to bed so that she has to get up or can not get to sleep because she ate late?
Contact her doctor and ask if a medication to curb anxiety would help. It may take a while to get the dose and or medication right but it is worth a try.
Many of the "sleeping medications" contain diphenhydramine and that can result in a bit of what I call "brain fog" in the morning. I took Benadryl one night and woke up so foggy I was pretty much nonfunctional for a good part of the morning. I had been giving it to my Husband for his allergies and realized that with his dementia to have an even foggier brain was probably not a good thing. I stopped giving it to him. I would be very cautious of things like that. Also if she does get up and wander around with the sleeping pill in her she may be very unsteady on her feet and may fall.
You will get suggestions for Melatonin, CBD oil and herbal teas I would check with the pharmacist to be sure that there are no interactions you have to be concerned about with any of the other medications she might be talking. Even herbals have a potential for side effects and interactions.
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OneBlueMoon Mar 2021
Thank you for your advice.
I replayed to you in the other post about wandering.
The neurologist gave her seroquel for delusions and paranoia and that made her more sleepy and disoriented during the day, so we discontinued. I think she wants to sho something and or wake us up since she told us last night that she thought it's morning(I only slept 2 hours)! She is only taking zoloft in the morning and namenda at night. I thought about melatonin since it's natural but need to talk to her doctor for interaction. If she sleeps all through the night, most problems are solved!
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