If I am in the room when she is on the phone, she constantly says the name of the person. "Mary blah blah. And Mary, did you blah blah blah. It drives me crazy. Or maybe it just adds to all the other little things that goes on. I don't know.

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I think sometimes- when your own irritation level is high - or you've been dealing with a person causing you a lot of stress for a while - even the littlest thing can grate.

I know right before my ex-husband and I divorced even the sound of him breathing made me want to stab him with a butter knife.
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You know...if Mom has dementia, this may just be her own subconscious way of reminding herself of who she's talking to. Names are often the first thing to go when the memory starts to fail. They *know* who they're talking to, but can't quite get the name. So if she has dementia, it may be her way of telling herself, repeatedly, "I'm talking to MARY. This is MARY."   I imagine she's worried she will forget the person's name while she's talking to them, and would be very embarrassed to have to say, "Um...who am I speaking to again?"  

It may drive you nuts, but I think this may be a coping mechanism she's developed, and you may have to just tolerate it.  
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Thank you for your answers.
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