Mom is in a nursing home, I'm having difficulty handling the things left behind. Any suggestions?


I am having difficulty in handling the things left behind in the room she had while living with me. She says she has everything in the way of toiletries, lotions, comb, brush. Clothing, some she wants, some she wants later. I got this. What about gifts of clothing, slippers from siblings that she never wore? She has been in NH since Feb. 23 and I'm still stymied. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Pack it all up and hang on to it. Bring a few of those to her after several months because she WILL likely need them. Otherwise, check with the NH to see if there are indigent patients who may need some of those items. I can almost guarantee you there will be.
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It was important to my dad that my mother’s things be used and worn. We found a local women’s alcohol and drug treatment center where the director told us many of the women arrived with only what they were wearing and they’d be thrilled to have my mom’s things and they’d definitely be gratefully used. Perhaps you could look around for something similar. My dad still mentions how good this was for him, knowing her things her of use to others.
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You may want to speak to the social worker at the NH. Ours distributes donated clothing (some new, some used) to residents of her NH who may be in need.
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I should give the donors first refusal, asking them if they would like their presents back (they may be able to return them for a refund, for example) or prefer you to give them to a deserving charity. Make it clear this isn't a rejection of their kind thoughtfulness, it's just about practicalities now that your mother has limited room and NH regulations to follow.
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