I was informed today that my brother with dementia has to leave the nursing home. Given blanket reason of not fulfilling his needs. They refuse to adjust meds for behavior. He is on Medicaid. As POA am I responsible for finding a place for him or are they responsible? He does not have a guardian.

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Also, how was he placed in the facility? Was it by you or other family members? Was he tested before he was placed? How did he score on those tests? If the facility accepted him and then decided “maybe not...”, you may have grounds to seek out an attorney.

Just because you have POA doesn’t mean you’re his guardian. Those are 2 different things. Worse comes to worst, you can revoke your POA and let him become a ward of the state.
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As people get older and have a physical or mental problem, They may tend to age more especially depending weather the patient can accept the total care. Nursing homes are also Rehab for some people. I have seen that with some it can go down. If family visit more often it helps. People just don't put parents and older people in for any reason. The family can not always provide the complete care for some. I can't stand people of caregiving and responsibility, should not be put down if they cannot continue caring. In some cases the wife or husband or children it can be come very hard. Is it Nursing home neglect or just because there is a worse condition coming forth???
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Who gave the blanket reason of not fulfilling his needs? Did the facility admit that they couldn’t care for him? Or did he become combative and violent? Was there a doctor’s order for a change in medication that they refused to follow? I wouldn’t think they could just throw him out on the street, especially if he has mental issues. When my mom became combative they put her in the Alzheimer’s unit (lockdown). But today nothing surprises me.

Have you spoken with the director of the facility or anyone else in a position of authority there? What has he done to cause them to ask him to leave? Have they given you any suggestions or options?
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