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I noticed my Mom is having problems with her memory and eating. Where do I turn?


She has been diagnosed with celiac spru. How can I help her eat better? Take her meds to remember? make sure she is really ok? I am going to talk to her dr. I work a lot and feel terrible about her needs, and not sure quite how to help expecially with celiac spru, and is her memory just winter blues? not having my dad their to feel needed or something more? Dad has passed away 1 year in January 2015. My brother lives with her and has for 3yrs and she wants to be by herself I think to start looking at selling her home. She has done the reverse mortgage and will only get what is above what she owes so my brother can not purchase the home like I think he was thinking on doing all of us kids are going to have a meeting with mom to see what she wants and to make that reality with in reason. whats available in our area? Babbitt Minnesota my moms spine is curving terriably and is painful rumatic fever when young she had a valve replacement to her heart 5 years ago. questions on all of this where to turn for help?

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madison2015, I wasn't sure if you were asking what type of senior housing is available in your area, if you were, go to the blue box on the right side of this page, type in your Mom's zip code, click on either Independent Living or Assistant Living, then you will need to fill out a form.

Your brother can still buy your Mom's house, but in her best interest it should be at market value [whatever a buyer would pay for the house].... so then whatever equity is left in the house after the Reverse Mortgage loan and fees are paid back, then your Mom can use that for continuing care facility.
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With celiac disease, one has to be very careful what one eats.... people with gluten [wheat rye, barley] sensitivity can experience symptoms such as “foggy mind”, depression, ADHD-like behavior, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, headaches, bone or joint pain, and chronic fatigue when they have gluten in their diet, but other symptoms are also possible. So read up on everything you can get your hands on about this disease. It is so very important.

Now a days the grocery store has separate gluten-free aisles where one can buy bread, cereals, cookies, etc. If your Mom likes cereals, Chex has a whole line of gluten-free cereals.

Please note, if one has celiac disease, one could also be sensitive to milk. Try the lactose-free brands, they taste just like regular milk.

If you watch your Mom's diet, you might find she will start feeling much better :)
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First I have some questions: how old is mom? Is your brother up to full time caregiving? Is it time for assited living? It sounds as though she be entering early stage dementia. To help with meds, a calendar pill box, a memory clock and a wall calendar with large spaces for marking appointments, meds etc would be helpful. Most localities have a county commission on aging and other agencies that can be very helpful in locating care facilities and services in your area. This web site has been a great resource for me in dealing with care issues for my ailing parents. You may want to prioritise you questions and be more specific as to your immediate needs. You will get lots of great advice on this site. Hang in there!
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