My mom has been dealing with a head tremor going on 2 years now. It only occurs when she's nervous or anxious. Anyone experience this?


Which is almost all the time. Now it's gotten to a point where I could be talking to her about something funny or trivial and her head will start bobbling. It's a little disturbing and i'm getting worried. I know not all tremors are dangerous, and the stress of moving has probably exacerbated the tremor, but I feel like it needs to be checked out. I don't even know how she would fit into a MRI because of her weight.

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Thats true! I forgot about those open MRI's. She has an appointment with her PCP next month. I'M gonna bring it to his attention this time, because she says she keeps "forgetting" to mention it to him. I don't even know how he hasn't noticed it tbh. It's not exactly subtle.
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I would get the increased tremor checked out pretty quickly. It could be the tumor has undergone some change, or that your mother is responding to a wider variety of circumstances. At any rate, it bears investigation.

There are open MRI machines which are larger than the closed ones.
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