They want to give her transfusion and a central line, is this going against her wishes if I say yea

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They are treating what they can treat. Is she able to consent? Does she qualify for hospice?
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My mom has an advance directive  and DNI ( do not intubate). She also has dementia. Her advance directive says that "no extraordinary means should be utilised" to keep her alive if there is no hope of her returning to her previous level of health.

So, she got the pacemaker. We actually asked her about that, and she said yes, she wanted it.

When she had breathing related difficulty, they were able to use a bi-pap instead of intubating her.

As CM asks, what is your mom's health like now, and can she participate in this decision?
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What does it say in her advance directive?

Transfusion and central line do not contradict a DNR. A DNR relates specifically to cardiopulmonary resuscitation, such as you will see going on in any hospital-related tv drama. But you need to re-read the directive carefully.

It will also depend on the reason for the transfusion and central line. What has happened to your mother? If it's something that could happen to anyone, and treatment will simply restore her to her previous quality of life, then this is not part of her long-term plan and the directive probably won't have considered it as a possibility; therefore the directive becomes less relevant; therefore you are free to set it aside.

But re-read the directive, and ask her doctors more questions.
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