Looking for opinion and clarification.... My mom is overweight with neuropathy in both feet so she uses a wheelchair most of the time but can walk short short areas with a cane. ( she cannot / will not use a walker ). She goes to bed between 10 pm and midnight - falling asleep by 2 am or 3 am and then sleeps until 3pm or 4 pm most days. She apologizes for sleeping so much but does not have any solutions. She is comfortable and loves getting the sleep. I worry that something might be wrong - medically but her doctor told us once that if she wants to go to bed at 3 am and sleep until 3 pm - instead of being awake in the morning and going to bed at a normal 10 pm time - that is ok -- her choice. I have her trying z quill to see if she can fall asleep earlier but so far no luck. Should I just let things be? She is 78 and if she does not want or won't get up at a regular time and go to bed at a regular time - should I just let it be ? Looking for the normal ..... thanks,


IMO, zquil is wonderful. Works great for me.

Changes won't happen all at once. If you want to try to adjust her sleep schedule, hers would drive me nuts, it will have to be gradually.
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I’d just like to add that I found Zzzquil to be nasty stuff. Left me with a horrible “hangover” in the morning. And, after a few days it stopped working.
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Doubt she's going to fall asleep sooner unless she wakes sooner.

I tend to agree with the doctor with a couple of reservations. One, is this a problem for your household schedule? And two, how does this impact your mom's needed outside appointments? Does she get up early for doctor appointments? Your profile mentions depression and sleeping during the day means she cannot participate in senior center activities and other socialization opportunities that could help with depression. Studies also link limited exposure to daylight to increases in depression rates.

Is there a water walking or arthritis water class in your area? Because the water supports body weight, it's good exercise for seniors with weight and/or mobility issues, The exercise could help with depression and adjusting the sleep cycle if you and your mother decide that's something you want.
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