I would like to get her Durable POA activated with her Bank and Pension Company. They are requesting a letter stating that she is unable to handle her finances.

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**Mom is strong will and strong minded. I can only get her to see her PCP annually. She gets very angry if you mention the word Dementia. So far Pills are the only thing that her PCP is supplying. He has not mentioned a Specialist etc. Mom is scheduled to go back in April. Thank you All for your responses.
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PCP are OK but they know a little about everything but are not specialist. If Mom is on Medicare, she needs not referral. But check with her supplimental. If Medicare Advantage, you may have to stay in Network and have a referral from her PCP. A neurologist should be the one you see and get a letter from.

In the meantime, you can write out checks and have Mom sign as best she can. I never needed to deal with the pension people. Moms SS and pension were direct deposited. I just signed everything my name with POA after it. I only dealt with them when she passed and sent the death certificate. I really only got involved with the bank when I had to cash in her CDs. Then I needed to show the POA and they took a copy.
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In my experience, the GP's annual mental evaluation consists of asking "How is your memory?" and accepting "Very good" as an answer or even dismissing "I'm starting to forget things" with "Well, don't we all."

You need to ask for a real mental health examination. If there is a Memory Care practice near you, try to get an appointment. If you can find a doctor who specializes in care for the elderly (a geriatrician) you will probably get a more in depth evaluation.
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Sees her Primary annually? So when's the next appointment?

If it's not soon, don't wait - bring her primary care appointment forward and discuss next steps then.

Any PCP or GP worth his/her salt is a godsend. They can co-ordinate specialist referrals and collate information being fed back, which is invaluable in developing a really good, person-focused, holistic approach to an individual's care.

Is there any reason why you'd hesitate to work closely with your mother's PCP?
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I think it's really up to you to ask for a neuro referral.
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