My mother has Alzheimer's and wants to go to the bathroom every five minutes. Advice?

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I took her to the Dr and there is no infection. I closed the bathroom door as an solution, but she gets very upset, that she will leave for ever. No matter is you try to keep her busy, the bathroom is just an obsession. Please give me some advise what to do. It's so frustrating.

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Oh my gosh, my mother does the same thing. She is constantly going to the bathroom and not going. When I say something she just gets mad and says she can't help it she feels like she has to go. I've tried using depends, but she won't ware them. Our water bill keeps going up, finally realized it was flushing the toilet a million times a day. When you find a solution, please share.
When we had this problem, we found medication was not the way to go. Either made her constipated or dangerously groggy when she staggered down the hall. What we did, after hearing from her Center Care Manager, was not make a big deal out of it. Apparently there will always be some kind of obsession with some patients, and this was hers right now. The good new was, she moved on to another obsession AND there is usually only one at a time. LOL!
So, we didn't make a fuss. I put up a sensor light for her at night, and disconnected the toilet bowl chain, even turning off the toilet water tap, AND a large sign "please don't flush". You will need to go in a check every few hours to make sure the toilet doesn't clog.
On the positive side, she isn't very active so we did feel as least this is a bit of exercise. I know it's hard to think of it in a positive sense, but like with children, if we make it a problem, then it tends to compound the issue.
Silly me, now that we have experienced so many "obsessions", I sometimes think "gee, the toilet going one wasn't so bad after all". Hang in there, try to see it through and hope the next thing won't be more difficult to deal with. :-)
Do you go with her to the bathroom? When we first started taking care of my mom we were allowing her to go to the bathroom herself. Well I stopped doing that when I realized that she likes to take toilet paper out of the trash, old depends, forgets to pull down her pants before peeing, etc. Anyway, she used to go to the bathroom a lot too (the one place she could be alone I suspect) but now that I go with her every time she only goes once every couple of hours, granted it seems like it's when I'm cooking or just sat down to eat LOL.
Oh boy, that and the toilet and tissue obsession. I noticed that my mother went to the bathroom every few minutes while waiting for the bus for the adult center. She gets anxiety easily, she is by nature a worrier, she worries she will have to go once on the bus, okay, it is hard because you have to rearrange her clothes. She will do this after a shower, after you get her all dressed. I know she drinks enough tea to make her peeing make sense and a lot of water too. I thought, maybe this is also a UTI. She got bronchitis and was on a run of antibiotics, so this would clear any UTI. However she was checked at the doctor and had a kidney infection, so go figure. There is something that my mother will always do obsessively, compulsions galore. When she gets something in her mind, she may forget everything a minute later, not the current obsession. I think after checking her for UTI, it may be nervous behaviour, makes you crazy because she just might have a UTI, arggh.
The voice of experience, lol :) is that blood pressure meds can make you pee like crazy (personal exp here) as can caffeinated beverages tea and coffee. Also ALL antibiotics do not target UTI's that is why a culture and doctor visit are necessary and why a kidney infection could still be lurking after a round of antibiotics.
My Mom had a stroke in 2010 and is paralyzed on the left side. As she cannot stand I have to get her in her chair, off her chair onto the toilet then back onto the chair and then back onto the couch! I've had back surgery, knee surgery and have fibromyalgia and the incessant peeing is a pain in all the above. She is constantly having a UTI....its gotten now to where she pees in her diaper which she started wearing about 3 weeks ago. Then she constantly thinks she needs to go have a BM but doesn't go once back there! She is getting weaker and cannot stand up enough for me to pull her clothes back up without holding her up and pulling clothes at the same time. Its killing me physically and emotionally because I find myself loosing my cool, and sometimes yelling at her to stand up and lean over towards me so that I can get her pants up! What is so bad is that there are times when she can do it just great and then the next time she won't so it kind of feels like she is just doing it. Oh, and every day its....."Just put me in a nursing home"....which I refuse to do!
Sorry so long...I could go on and on......but I just need some suggestions from those of you that have been here and done this!!
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My mom is the same way. I am very interested in suggestions from others.
I'm a care giver and I am dealing with the same problem. My client has been obsessed with this so her dr recommended that we start catching the pee and letting her see how little or how much she goes. My client says she's scared to pee on herself and she does use poise pads .but still wants to get I'm trying to stay calm and not let it be an obsession with her.its hard yes and I wish she never got this has taken so many good people that never did anything wrong in their lives , God bless all those who deal with this all day .and prayers someone finds a cure.
My DH wears diapers and goes to the bathroom every hour. He has such severe mobility issues that by the time he gets there, he's already gone. During the night, he is double diapered, but still gets up to go, TAKES THE DIAPERS OFF, urinates all over the floor in the bedroom and bathroom, wets the bed. He says he's not doing it on purpose and I believe him, but mopping this up everyday, changing the bed everyday, washing the sheets everyday, is not making me happy. :)
My mom has done this seems like years now. My water ,electric, sewer was all together and what a bill!! Not counting the toilet tissue and she would tear it in strips and hide it in her dresser. Paper towels went fast because of her washing all the time. My husband has Parkinsons and Vascular dementia so I put my mom home in a home that is wonderful

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