MIL was is on serequel and trazodone. Her behavior has become abusive to staff, cursing and yelling and refusing to cooperate. Now lorazepam has been added. She is usually sleeping during visits. When she wakes up, she begins a sentence and falls back to sleep. This is very concerning to me, although by sister-in-laws are fine with the sleeping. Is this a normal cocktail of meds for a 93 year old dementia patient? ( she does have CHF and afib. Takes a lots of meds for that condition.)

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I'm going to assume that a geriatric psychiatrist or geriatric doc or NP is overseeing MIL's med regimen.

Who has POA for health? Is that person asking questions about whether meds will be able to be titrated so that MIL will be awake AND calm?

Frankly, with my mom with dementia, I told the docs that it was unacceptable to me and my family that mom be in an agitated state. That meant she was in psychic pain; I promised my mother "no pain" and that meant physical AND psychic. So calm and sleepy was fine with me.

That being said, most of the time, the docs were able to figure out the right combination of meds to keep mom calm and alert. With some patients, though, you can't have both.
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