Member with POA cannot be found. What are my options? -

Member with POA cannot be found. What are my options?


Long Story short: My uncle was in a nursing home and my mum, his sister, doesn't have POA. Unbeknown to us, he got transferred to another facility and we don't have his information in order to contact him. In addition, we have no way of finding the individual with POA. It's been months and my uncle has not gotten in touch with us. Truth be told, he never did in the past, but we can't get in touch with him because the former facility won't disclose his new location -- he doesn't have a cell either. We have asked personnel from former facility to transfer (to him) over our contact information, to which they agreed, but we have not heard from him at all. At this point, what are our options? Is there anything we can do without involving the person with POA? Thank you very much in advance for your time and consideration.



Your uncle can assign a new PoA if he wants to. But first you have to find him!
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Perhaps your uncle does not want contact - is he mentally competent? Any friends or family have a clue as to the POA holder?
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