How should I manage taking care of my father after moving from Europe to be with him, leaving family and friends, introducing him to new friends his age as he had none, when at first he was so appreciative and now he makes me feel like he expects me to be here but not needed?

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Ginali, contact Area Agency on Aging. Every state in the U.S. has one and they provide services for senior citizens and caregivers. We had to bring my mother-in-law to live with us from another state and it was very difficult. The Area Agency on Aging provides adult daycare where they pick her up on a van and take her there in the morning, provide a hot lunch, and bring her home at dinner time. She goes 3 days a week. This gives her time outside our home, companionship with peers, and an outing to look forward to. If your father qualifies, he can have this service without cost. They also supply meals on wheels if you need that. Check into it. It will give you some freedom and get your father out and interacting.
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Ginali, what a problem!!! How long do you expect you will have to continue "sacrificing your life" in order to take care of your father? Will it be months? Years? If your father just has a few months left to live, could you hire someone to give you a break now and then? If it appears your father has years ahead of him yet, then I think different arrangements have to be made. For how long are you prepared to stay away from your family and friends? Since your father apparently had no friends his own age until you introduced him to some, is there any way your father could live with you in Europe so that you could care for him but also you could be with YOUR family and friends again. Does your culture tell you that you have to sacrifice your life in order to care for a parent?
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