her feces is black, sticky with coffe ground like pieces. She doesnt have a fever. She has progressive supranuclear pasly. She is supposed to last another 5 years. These are not the symptoms of the disease. It is very strange. She cries out if I try to move her even if it is just to the bathroom. She wants to sleep all the time now.

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In your situation, I would call an ambulance. It may be a life-threatening emergency as GardenArtist mentioned, and the EMTs are much better equipped to move a person who's in pain than we are. This happened to my mother a year or two ago (she started throwing up blood and brown coffee-ground like material) and that's what we did. She had a serious bleeding ulcer and had become very anemic. It sounds like that could be the case with your loved one since she doesn't want to get up. Serious blood loss will make a person very lethargic as well as dizzy. My mother had to have several blood transfusions, immediately, before they would even examine her to diagnose the ulcer. Please don't delay with this.
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cheerful, I hope you are in the ER by now if you can, let us know how your loved one is. thinking good thoughts for you both!
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She probably doesn't want to be moved b/c she's in a lot of pain from whatever's causing the tarry stools. As CW advises, get to the ER STAT. This could be not only a serious emergency but a life threatening one.
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Black, tarry feces is a sign of bleeding somewhere in the bowel/intestines, get her to the doc asap or ER.
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