Can anyone help with options for low income independent living in Los Angeles? -

Can anyone help with options for low income independent living in Los Angeles?


My mother is a 56 year old woman in an 86 year old body. She is on SSD and has increasingly become withdrawn and alone. She will often refuse to go outside to do anything if I don't either do it for her or take her myself. After 7 years in a really perfect living situation - the upper floor of a house in a very nice neighborhood - she has been asked to move out so the owner's daughter can move in.
Now that my Mother has exhausted all her friends with "help me" overtures the past 15 years, they want nothing to do with her. Basically I'm all she has left and she's already blown 3 seperate living situations I've provided for her through friends of my own. Now MY friends know her game and have no interest in her renting any of their rooms or guest houses.
Without the reference if a personal connection, I'm at a total loss as to how I can find her a place to live with a private bathroom (believe me, this is necessary) for $800 or less per month.
I need to produce some workable options and have them ready to present to her because she refuses to use services like Craigslist or any internet-based apartment service.
Needless to say, she's partially disabled and my finances have been ravaged by her needs. I'm afraid I've let this go to far, having found myself in bad situations where she shows up with her bags at my door and informs me she'll need to stay with me for a while and 6 months later she's still on my bed or couch complaining that in not doing enough to help her. I will not put up with that again.
So I'm asking for some ideas or resource centers anyone may know about. I'm at a real loss here and she is not the sort to cooperate. She would rather pout about "how could this happen" than lift a finger to deal. And if I don't do it, she'll be at my doorstep again.

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My understanding is that you want to provide independent affordable housing for your mother. Seems you have done just that many times over.Why is your mom asked to leave by others so much ? Perhaps her mental health status is such that she makes it extremely difficult for others to deal with her. You were not specific about her having unwelcome behaviors. Perhaps you need to find a way to get her involuntarily placed in a facility appropriate for her. Do you feel your mom is really in a frame of mind to make good housing choices for herself ? Speak also with those involved in senior services to inquire about the name of the organization that has not only senior housing but a specific apt.complex that houses seniors with mental health problems if this is the case with your parent. I wish you the best.
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There are several independent living centers in the LA area which may be able to help. One is called Communities Actively Living Independent & Free (CALIF) (213)627-0477. There is also the West Side Center for Independent Living (888) 851-9245. If these two are not close enough, the may be able to recommend one that is closer.
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If it's an owner occupied building not much to be done but call the Ombudsman and Legal Aide for the Elderly and tell them the situation. They might be able to help.
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