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For you husband or for your job.

I am almost 72. I personally have never liked to play games that go on and on like Monopoly. I have a game called Pokeno that is like Bingo but played with cards.

Puzzles, 1000 pieces are alot. 500 or less maybe. Depends on who is doing them. If working with someone with a Dementia, my friend borrowed the old wooden puzzles that my kids had as toddlers.

At my Moms nursing home they cut pool noodles in 3rds. Gave one to each resident sitting them around a table then throwing a balloon in the middle and they all batted at it trying to keep in in the air.

My niece was an activities director at an AL. She had an exercise group. Some exercises were done sitting down others standing.
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You don’t share a competence level - but this is my 9-90 year old go to;
- Puzzles: you’ll have to determine how many pieces but look for companies making 500-1000 piece puzzles with bigger easy grip pieces. The 300 piece puzzles seem to have big pieces as a standard.
- Qwirkle and Sequence (board games).
- Baking/cooking (I prep, you stir) Baking (I cook, you decorate).
- road trip to local bakery
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