i need a extra cash flow , taking care of two houses on my income has exhausted all of my savings...i stay with my mother but i am trying to hold on to my house too

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Mae - the program that mom is on, how is it being paid?
If it is a community based program that is funded through your states Medicaid program, then more than likely the state will have to either place a claim or a lein on mom's house to reimburse for the care paid for by Medicaid. This is MERP and all states have to have this program in place to get funding.

Your mom by applying for a MERP required program must accept the recovery in order to get her services. You really need to clearly find out if her home is subject to MERP.

If so, then selling her home will not be in her best benefit as any $ from the house sale will need to be available either to repay the state or she will have to private pay for services as her assets are above the limit (due to house sale $).

Where is her $ going to? Mom gets SS, right? and perhaps another retirement? That $ needs to be spent by mom on her house.

You can sell your home and move in with mom and continue being her caregiver for when you are not working. You should save every cent of the $ from the sale of your home for your own future too. If you are not working full-time, then you can probably qualify for the family caregiver exemption on MERP's recovery of mom's home when she dies. You get to keep the house under the caregiver exemption. Try to find out what is required by the state for this exemption….I've seen it where you have to have a letter from either the elder's MD or a SW on their letterhead that the care you provided was needed with some sort of Medicare coding or description of what you did and kept the elder out of a NH.

I would also suggest you keep serious organized documentation and receipts for all expenses on mom's house you have paid for. Everything too from taxes to those lightbulbs for the front porch. You may need to file all these costs as a claim against mom's estate once she dies.

The situation you are in comes up pretty frequently on this site. It is really important that you do NOT impoverish yourself to caregive. good luck.
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What kind of program? Maybe time to sell mom's house, get her off the program, either move to your home, or an assisted living community.
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I know i live with her, but i can't move in with her home. She's on a program where she has to stay in her home she has a worker there with her while i am at work and on weekends i work with her because no one wants to work on weekend so.
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There are some work-at-home customer service type jobs out there that pay about $10/hour, I think...but I'd have to research those. One thing I've fallen in to is dog sitting friends' dogs. In my area (suburb of Chicago) I'm getting $30/day, which doesn't seem like much, but $240 for a week of dog sitting (in my home) was pretty sweet. I love dogs and animals in generally, so it's a win-win for me. But if you've got a ton of work with your mom, something like this might not work.

I agree with Freqflyer, it's time to figure out something else. Don't ruin your life trying to take care of your mom while maintaining two homes.
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No child should be paying out of their pocket to keep a parent's house afloat. It is either time for Mom to downsize or to move into your home.
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