My question is twofold, I'd like to know if I should just let him sleep or if I should wake him. I'd also like to know if I should continue to push him to eat or should I just not force it. Any help would be most appreciated.

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Dear Kirbee,

I would be concerned too. I would check with his doctor and maybe hospice is needed. The reason I say this is because my dad also started to sleep more and eat less but in his case he had heart failure and he was dying. I didn't know this. And never really pursued it further because I thought he was just being grumpy old man. But there was more going on and by the time I realized what was happening, it was all too late. I wished I had gotten him help sooner.
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It really depends on how close he is to the end of life's journey. I would let him sleep as long as he isn't lying in wet clothing and when he is up get him to move around a bit if he can. You don't want all his joins to contract and keeping him moving will aid his circulation and help prevent pressure sores.
As far as eating is concerned certainly don't attempt to force feed him. offer small amounts of food he enjoys and nutritional drinks such as Ensure or Boost. Some decaffeinated soda is fine to as there are calories in it even if no nutrition. make sure his mouth is kept moist and clean. I would be thankful he is doing so much sleeping as so many dementia patients can get pretty unmanageable
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