My frail 97 year old mother has sciatica. Does anyone have any idea on how to lessen her pain and spasms?


I am looking for ideas on how to lessen her AM pain and the spasms. She regularly sleeps a solid 10 hours each night, and so the eve. meds are worn off. We are living in her apartment so no nursing staff around. I worry about her falling because she is stubborn (and has some dementia) and won't call me into her room when she is ready to get up. But by late AM she is able to navigate quite well.
I'm grateful for any ideas. Her Dr. says add more ibuprofen.

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Sciatica pain is really awful, so it's easy to understand her distress. Have you tried heat for the time she is waiting for the medication to kick in? Or even ice, though older people generally prefer heat. You'd have to be very careful - a hot water bottle may be safest, since at her age her skin is likely very fragile and she may not notice if a heating pad is too hot, either.

Talk with her doctor and see if topical treatments are a good idea. Some arthritis rubs work pretty fast while you wait for ingested medications. I hope you find something to help - for her and for you.
Take care,
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