Four days ago while assisting mom with car seat belt she suddenly started vigorously shaking her head up/down, her eyes glazed over, she was monte sponsor and started leaning toward door (would have fallen out w/ o my
My holding her. Person on next car assisted us and in about two minutes she "came to" and seemed ok. Person who assisted agreed I should contact her doctor whose office happened to be five minutes away. Took mom there and blood sugar, temp and BP were all normal. Dnp suggested ER which I declined because vitals normal but agreed to go home and watch her. She seemed fine during 20 m ride and closed her eyes a few minutes which is normal for her while riding. Mom had dementia but could speak somewhat clearly at times and seemed to understand well. Now however her speech is garbled except periodically a few words are understandable. Her movements and responses are slower but understanding still good. Appetite and sleep same/ok (she generally sleeps or doses a lot!) No use of walking aids ( so far, refuses), age 96. I'm calling Dnp in the am for a neuro referral. Anyone experience similar?

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Thank you for your responses. I'm concerned and your answers are helpful.
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My dad went through this type of thing for several years after my mom passed away where his speech would be garbled. For example one time I was talking to him on the phone and he was trying to say that he was fine, yet it was coming out, "I'm furrio..furrio fine." After about two hours he'd come out of it and was just fine.

I mentioned this to his regular MD and after many tests, his thought were that he had a heart arythmia where his blood pressure would drop, causing lack of oxygen to his brain. Until his oxygen level regulated itself..again..sometimes it would take two hours or so.

A few years later he had a stroke where a friend found him unresponsive. They rushed him by helicopter to the closest facility that specialized in stroke care and surprisingly..he lived wonderfully by himself for the next five years..

He then started having seizures from brain tissue that was particularly bad while I was on the phone with him. I rushed over there and after several tests, they admitted him. After a few days he was fine and wanted to go back to his apt.

Then while trying to transport himself one night (because the night nurses took forever to get to him..), he lost his balance and fell, hitting his head on the top of the toilet so hard, he knocked it askew. Never said a word to me about it until I looked at his ear that was all purple and sensitive to the touch so I took him in and his MD saw him as being fine. All his vitals were good, etc.

A week later, while being taken to the bathroom by the aids, he found he'd forgotten how to use his legs.

I went over there and his speech was fine..he could move his legs and arms just fine..everything was great but I didn't want to take my chances as I thought about the week before; I'd had him out to eat and he was having problems finding his plate. His food was all over the place and that's when I knew something was definately wrong.

I took him to the ER thinking it was probably nothing again as he was completely himself, able to walk around, etc. All his vitals came back normal so they did a CT scan and found that he had a Subdural Hematoma; which is bleeding between the skull and brain. It was really bad to the point that it was pushing his brain over to one side.

The only thing Dad complained about was a slight headache.

The rushed him down to Froedert (the closest Trauma Center) and admitted him into ICU. Turned out that he had to have brain surgery where they drilled two holes into his skull to drain out the blood that was clotting outside his brain.

Very risky surgery, but he came through with flying colors!!

He is now in nursing care and pretty much himself again, although it took many months to get him there.

That being said..I think your mom should be seen by a neurologist, if she hasn't already. They will do a CT scan and take it from there. Had I known then what I know now..they may have kept my dad from having his stroke.

Good luck and much love and prayers to you.
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It sounds like she may have had a stroke, or TIA that affected her speech center, which resulted in some kind of aphasia. I'm basing this on my experience with my mother.

Yes, I would get her to a neurologist.

I have to say, there is more to a person's well being than vitals. I completely understand not wanting to go to an ER with a parent with dementia, though.
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