I asked earlier if any one here had any experience with the PACE program and got a couple of answers that were helpful. We are definitely pursuing this for my Dad. It's a good way to take the pressure off my Mom and keep dad home for longer.
My next question is this. The program has a financial adviser service that will help us transfer Dads assets in trust to Moms name so he can qualify for aid. There is no Medicaid look back even though Medicaid will be the provider (the program is a collaboration be tween private insurance and Medicaid). If and when Dad does need nursing home care there will be a look back for the nursing home care but not the Pace services, but by then the assets should be straightened out with the allowable amount set aside for Mom. It's all legal and there are no lawyers fees.

The problem is the lawyer that my sister is using to get conservatorship for Dad said that we need to have him fill out the paper work (his fee would be $2.300) He says he will save Dad thousands of dollars by doing it right. On the other hand the PACE people assured us they would be doing what was needed to make sure Mom was protected financially in the event that Dad had to go into nursing care. I talked to a friend who is a lawyer but not familiar with family law and he said the fee the lawyer was quoting sounded really high. My sister asked me to do some research on this.

Should I call our State Elder services to see if we should hire a lawyer to do this?

The money to pay the lawyer would be coming out of Mom and Dads assets which at this point are dwindling because of the overhead going out on their business and no revenue coming in. Dads accountant said it's going to take him all summer to unravel their finances (Dad has not even paid taxes in a few years). I'm not sure there will be much of anything to protect in the end. At this point I just want to get Dad in a good situation where he is safe and cared for. It seems ludicrous to pay out big money to a lawyer to protect money we don't even know if they will have. I also trust this program to do what is best. This is my opinion but I really need to put that aside and just get the facts. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Thank you rovana. I should check into legal aid. I spoke with the Pace person and she said the forms were all the same. The lawyer would not be dong anything different. She did say that it's easier to have one lawyer take care of everything but that's a choice of convenience. I wrote my sister and brother an e-mail to this effect and said I would be happy to take on working with the PACE people to fill out forms and do the application. My brother will have no problem with that. I am not sure about my sister, she is having huge issues with control.
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I'd check with State Elder Services for sure. Does the Bar Association have any kind of pro bono program of advice? I really don't know about what lawyer's fees run, but I'd get a second opinion or "bid" at least. Have you checked out this attorney with the local bar association? Would legal aid be an option, at least for advice on this? Can you go a little higher up the line on the PACE program to see what a supervisor might say?
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