It’s like my father has different personalities. What could be going on?


My 80 year old father's brain scans do not show dementia or Alzheimer’s. However lately he will tell me one thing then turn around and deny it and tell my sister something else. I’m not sure what’s going on. It’s hard to know what he wants when he acts like two very different people. How common is this as people age? What else could be going on? Any advice would be appreciated.



Hi, I'm new to this caregiving adventure, but I do know that a UTI in seniors can show itself as dementia. Try Azo UTI home test while waiting to see the Dr. Azo showed a slight infection in my Mom. I wasn't even sure if it was positive, the color change was so pale.

Anyway, when the Dr. got the lab test back she said she was shocked how wicked of an infection my Mom had. Funny though, my Mom didn't have any typical symptoms of UTI. However, I swore she had dementia! Once the infection was cleared up, she was so much better mentally. Good luck.
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That's normal. Going through the same thing with my mother. One day she's totally our of her gourd, then just when we think she's losing her mind she'll have a normal day, or a normal few hours. Other things besides Alzheimer's can cause this.

Has there been major changes recently? Does he live independently or in assisted living or nursing home? With my mother, she held things together until we finally had to move her into assisted living. Now, she's become much more difficult but she also has alot of health issues going on.
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Dear Martz06,

I know you love your dad very much. Its a struggle sometimes to know what is going on. Have you talked to the doctor about this? It could be a side effects of any medications he is taking. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, undiagnosed mini stroke, vascular dementia which is slower or it could be age related. Or even a change in diet or simply dehydration.

I found my grandmother in particular would repeat things often. I know its hard to have patience. But I hope you can find the reason.
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One doesn’t need to have dementia to be confused and/or forgetful. It’s possible he just forgot what he said to you and got confused when he was talking to your sister. Is he having issues talking? Is it at all possible he could be having mini strokes? If you see it getting worse, I would tell his doctor.
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My mom didn't show dementia but just forgetful but yet one time she does something out of character like have the smoking patch on and then smoke in addition and then when I mentioned it she told me she would never do such a thing because that's not good. She has some clear times and some not. I have to deal with the person I'm talking to at the moment. After while I just rolled with it but at first I tried to make sense of it. It's not an easy transition. It doesn't matter what illness they have I found that I have to love my mother in that moment no matter what and decide what action I'm going to take. Good Luck.
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