He thinks I leave all day and another little guy (me) hangs around. He is angry that he thinks I leave. It's the anger that hard to deal with. He tells me I am not telling him the truth.

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Getting him checked for a UTI is a good idea although it could also be that your husband's Alzheimer's has progressed. Don't argue with him or insist that you're his wife but don't exactly agree with him that you're someone else either. I know, it's an impossible position to be in. Redirect him when he begins to talk about you leaving or that he thinks you're someone else. Offer him a treat, something he likes, ice cream or a small slice of pie, whatever he enjoys. Turn on something on the tv he might like. My dad would watch nature shows about animals.

When I worked hospice I had a patient who thought I was an old business acquaintance, Mr. Sullivan. So I became Mr. Sullivan. I didn't argue with him, I just kind of went with it.

The goal is to keep your husband calm but as the above poster suggested, if your husband becomes aggressive call 911 for your own safety and for his immediate treatment and stabilization.
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The first thing is to have him checked for a UTI.
Give his dr a call and see if his meds need to be adjusted. If he is aggressive do not put this off. You may need to call 911 and have him taken to the ER.
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