My mom has been through a series of extreme fatigue episodes. Very sudden onset. At first they lasted a few hours , and then she was back. This has happened Nov 4th and again on the 5th. Then again Nov 19th, and the next day Again on Nov 22 ... but now I notice that she haven't really come back from that.

For 3 days now she has been hardly able to stay awake. Sleeps all night, then so exhausted she can barely get up. This morning she seemed like the day was going to be good...had coffee and toast. Asleep in her chair by 9am. After sleeping all night. Barely able to get up at all. Had to get a gait belt on her to get to the bathroom.

Doctors seem to have no answers. I am really worried that if this continues it will be the end.

This is all quite sudden. Wish I knew what was happening....then maybe we could get some solutions to try.

Anyone seen something like this? My dad was a slow continuous downhill..each month a bit worse.....but, this is just so fast!

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Well, the cycle continues. Today she is awake, alert, lots of energy. Had a good day with speech therapy, and even went out to a store!

Mom is back today. I've seen this before. She had a good day on Monday...then crash the rest of the she is back.

If she remains true to the cycle...the next crash will happen before Wednesday.

Not dehydrated. Eating. No other symptom except the sudden onset of extreme exhaustion,
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One other thing: can you give her some protein when she is awake? Is she dehydrated?
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Katie, I'm thinking an endocrinologist might help. You could even see a neurologist as well.

Every time I read your post my mind tries to reach back beyond the chocolate block to remember something from the past that could address your mother's situation, but right now I just can't access those thoughts. It might have been something that affected my father, or me, or my sister, or something I read on a medical site.

If I can remember what that issue was, I'll post again.

BTW, I've learned of a relatively recent cardio procedure for A-fib patients who meet specific criteria: Watchman. I've read a bit about it but my initial research doesn't warm me to having it done for my father.
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Well....we have done the full work up in ER. Twice.
Cardiologist, primary care, radiologist (echo cardio) internist, and pharmacist. All looking to see what it could be.

No infection, nothing out of wack with her blood work. Yeah...Afib, but nothing showing on the heart monitor that is unusual (of course...the 24 hours she had it on..she was fine!).

Echo shows that same as it has been since June... slow leak between the chambers of her heart..afib...rapid heart rate (in is controlled by meds).

No answers!
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Katie, which specific doctors are treating her? Primary care? Internist? Which specialty doctors are involved?
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Katie, my mom ( 93, post stroke) seems to be going through the same thing. NH did a full blood panel, nothing is out of whack.

My mom is hospice-eligible, but instead on palliative care. Her last hospitalization nearly killed her (and it wasn't the pneumonia, it was being in bed for 5 days, being transported by ambulance, etc.). Brothers and I agree to let whatever happens, happen. No hospital.

I hope you find some answers for your mom. I think sometimes there is just overwhelming fatigue and maybe an infection that they're fighting off.

If she's still eating and drinking ( my mom is too) I think we've just got to see if they can fight this through to get back to something like normal.

Godspeed, dear. Take care of yourself.
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