My 86 year old mom was recently dismissed from hospice care, as she is not terminal. While on hospice they gave her the pain killer methadone for back pain, she has osteoporosis, scoliosis and has lost about 6 inches in height so we think she has fractures of the vertebra causing a lot of pain. She has very little pain now. Her new doctor will not prescribe methadone and says no other dr. will. Our problem is we have no one to help her get off the methadone. Hospice said to call a pain management doctor, which I am trying to do but there are only 2 locally. Mom hasnt been out of the house in 3 months so trips to the doctor are difficult if I can even get an appointment with pain management doctor. I have a 2 week supply of methadone and dont want her to go through withdrawal. Has anyone had this problem?

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You may need to have her taken to appointment in an ambulette. Google " medical transportation" for your county.

I agree with Jeanne about calling the county mental health/ addiction services for help.

If these don't pan out, I'd call 911 and have mom taken to the hospital. This does not sound like a diy project. I'm so sorry that you're faced with this dilemma!
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One other thought -- could a mental health service that deals with addiction be of as much or more help than pain management clinics? Surely the addiction places must deal with withdrawal a lot!
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No, I haven't. I just want to give you a cyber hug and bring this thread up to the top again. I sure hope someone has good suggestions for you.
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