I work with a lady that from the begining I knew something was off we work in a house my client is 92 diabetic.This new caregiver is a STNA as she keeps telling us. My client is pretty with it but would never say anything bad about no one no matter whatespecially if his daughter likes them who is very hands on so I started watching & documenting things. She hardly feeds him anything she says hes not hungry but thats only with her & there have been multiple days that she takes his blood sugar up to 8 times a day & its only to be taken 2x & writes down a no thats not even in the memory my question is is sticking him that many times a form of abuse?

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I'm not a diabetic nor do I provide care for someone who is, but from what I can research at the Mayo Clinic website, the number of times a person is tested per day is not a one-size-fits-all amount.

Things that affect the number of times tested daily:
- Type of diabetes
- Severity
- Age
- How long they've had diabetes
- The presence of diabetes complications
- Overall health
- The presence of other medical conditions

Not sure who the hiring authority is. They cannot "force" someone to eat if they don't want to. If they don't eat, this affects their blood sugar levels.
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