My Mom had been in the hospital for a month. We were talking by phone, then the day I was able to visit in person, I was told she had been discharged, and moved to a rehab facility. The nurses could only confirm she had been transfered, but not which rehab she went to. And that she would call me when she was able.
I found this disturbing. I'm her only child, and my Dad passed away several years ago. It's been 2 weeks now and I haven't heard from her, APS or any type of social worker. Not sure where to start. Is this medical kidnapping? Do I call the police?

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If she's competent enough to make legal decisions, now that you've found her, I would visit with a lawyer immediately and draw up POA/Surrogacy/Health Care Guardianship papers and have her sign as soon as possible. This way you will never have to go through this again.
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AlvaDeer Dec 2020
The Mom was located on the 22nd.
Contact the hospital administrator, they can help you with what is going on.
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Do you have medical power of attorney for her?

Why was your mom in the hospital? Was there any mention of rehab to you during her hospital stay? I would continue to call the hospital.

Did your mom give permission for you to access her medical information?

Otherwise, due to HIPPA they cannot legally tell you.

Of course, they know where they sent her.

My mom went to rehab after a hospital stay. I had medical POA so I selected the facility that she went to.

Who selected the facility that she went to?

I’m assuming your mom doesn’t have a cell phone, or you would call her.

Have you called nearby facilities to inquire. Again though, they can’t reveal who their residents are due to HIPPA laws.

I was asked by the hospital to go the day before her admission to rehab to fill out necessary paperwork.

On the form was a spot asking who could access all of my mom’s medical records.

I filled in my family and my siblings.

I was told that no one else can legally be given any information.

So, whether someone contacts the hospital or any of the rehab facilities by law they cannot reveal any information to anyone not authorized as having access to her records.

Good luck finding your mom. I’m so sorry that you are in this situation.
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LisaM75 Dec 2020
I finally located her after speaking with the patient advocate of the hospital who gave me the information right away. She doesnt have a cell phone. People she spoke to to call me kept brushing off her requests. Cruel people in this world doing that to a 76 yr old woman.
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