He slipped out of bed this morning and needed help getting up. Can they change the discharge date and try to keep him longer?

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In general their discharge planning goes kind of according to what level of independence the person has reached, and what the chances are of further benefit in ADL (activity of daily living) can be expected. So basically, if they feel this fall comes under the purview of "expected, given that this is where the senior is, and unlikely to be changed or helped with further therapy" they won't add time. If however they can stretch this out for medicare coverage in "new incident; may be helped with further work on transfers sitting to standing" or whatever. They DO TRY . In my brother's case he was in for almost a month and was their star. Worked so hard and improved so much. Were to discharge and the doctor said "Well I want him there until a repeat MRI on a brain tumor" and the facility said "But he's walking well and independent and this is far as he can come with rehab" and the doc sort of pleaded for more time so the rehab said "Well, head wound not completely healed; we will buy another week with the code of "wound care" needs.
It all comes down to a numbers game, to codes, and etc.
Wishing you good luck.
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They can, but during these COVID times, they don't want to keep ANYBODY one minute longer than absolutely necessary.

He may need re-evaluation (and you will need to be his advocate in this!) about his being ready to come home (?) or if he needs a stay in a step-down type setting.

You need to be pretty upfront if you are incapable of helping him get up. DH had a simple sinus procedure yesterday, but he was given a general anesthesia. They told me if he started to fall to be sure to break his fall or catch him. I laughed and said to the nurse "He's 6'4" and 250 lbs. I'm 5'2" and 150 lbs. He falls, he falls. He'll kill me if I try to 'catch him'. She had not even really looked at us.

If he needs more care, please be the one to alert them to that situation. The last thing you want is to take him home, have a fall and be back at some NH b/c you jumped the gun as to bringing him home.

Good wishes!
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