I live in Dryden, VA in an Assisted Living Facility called: Chestnut Grove. Currently, they don't allow cats or, dogs to be fed food, 'cause of the signs up on all of the doors leading to the outside areas. The signs, by the way, say something like this, (to the best of my memory) - "Feeding the animals, if caught, is a state violation." It also said: $2,000 fines would go to the workers and, not the residents. What do these signs possibly mean, doesn't the State of VA know that this is animal cruelty? Starvation is bad. Doing it on purpose - just because, they're a stray animal away from there original home(s) is no excuse!! It needs to be stopped. Plus: back to the main topic, (these poor stray cats & dogs come from up the road somewhere (any given location), and, some have tags, some don't; but, you cannot feed them, 'cause of a ridiculous state regulation over the facility. Plus, no petting the animals, should they come to you - barking, or meowing, like a cat would wanting attention, rubbing it's side of body against your leg and purring. (There is obviously something that can be done). If we're seen petting the animals, 'cause, they want attention: then, we're called on the PA system (loudspeaker) to go to administrative office, obviously cause that is a violation of the ALF home policy. It's set originally by the state of Virginia. In the admin's office, behind the scenes, people get "in trouble or, jumped on their case"* for petting the animals, feeding them, etc.* Is there a way to override the state of VA's decision?

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Mr. Issac, I know how your heart hurts for these animals. I feel the same way. I used to do animal rescue. We had a saying amongst ourselves, “You feed, you breed.” We had to clean out a feral colony of cats in a lady’s yard and house once. Cats were running out of holes in her furniture and walls and falling down out of holes in her ceiling. We trapped 47 cats that day. None were fixed or ever went to the vets. The cats screamed and clawed and bit through our elbow-length protective gloves. They were not able to be petted. We found 2 mummified cats in her bathtub. She started out feeding 2 cats.

She also had Opossums, Raccoons and rats in her yard from the food. The lady was ruled incompetent and her house was condemned and demolished. All because she thought she was doing the right thing. The people who put up the signs understand that this is what can happen. It always does. It encourages sick animals to spread their diseases and infestations among the healthy animals. It’s difficult to understand, I know. But hard as it is, it’s the right thing to do.
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Truly feral cats are not going to come to be petted, they are wild and wary, and setting out food only encourages them to stick around and a steady food supply can mean larger, healthier litters which exacerbates the problem. Feral cats are a HUGE problem in many (most?) north american cities and being "kind" is really being cruel if the end result is capture and kill.
Roaming pets - whether cats or dogs - don't need to be fed because they have a home (however irresponsible their owners might be for letting them roam).
Getting called on the carpet for petting seems to go a little beyond the spirit of the law, but there are always those who choose to be a hard a** about the rules, I imagine there have been problems in the past and there are fears of liability if anyone should get bitten or bring parasites picked up from these stray into the facility.
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IsaacSams1986, the reason for those sign are due to "wild animals". One doesn't want to start a habit of feeding, let's say raccoons, as then they will come around the facility on a regular basis.  Plus it disrupts the animals normal behavior.
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