He fell on 1/29 and should have been receiving hot/cold compresses. We found out they still haven't done it.
I've reached out to the Exec Dir and NP with Centric.
I'm still waiting.

I told the NP to increase his med per the neurologist, she never did.

We'll pay the care taker.

*And don't tell me to report them to HHS. That is the most worthless agency. We had pictures of my dad at the last Memory care and they still said there were no problems.

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Hi cps0113!

I would encourage you to contact a local advisor. He/she will be able to offer you local resources to your area as well as explore what other agencies may be helpful for your family. Good luck!
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A place for mom is a FOR PROFIT referral service! They will refer you to nursing homes! And if you place your loved one in a home, a place for mom gets $5,000!! Please contact a local NON PROFIT such as the alliance on agency rather than a place for mom!
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Are there written doctor's orders for the treatments you mentioned? Orders have to come in written form from a doc, not passed along by family members.

Have you had a care meeting with the DON?
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I did not see any information on your profile to know what was going on with your Dad but a few ideas...
You can hire someone through an agency to come in and check on your Dad.
The problem might be that they would have no idea if medications are being given and the dose unless they are there when the medications are supposed to be given.
You might also be able to "hire" a friend to come in and do daily checks. The quote is if the facility is unaware that this person has been hired and thinks they are just a family friend there may be less of a problem. But this person should not do any care. There could be problems if either person were to be hurt.

Some facilities (according to some posts I have read) require that you hire their preferred agency. It may have to do with background checks but all agencies should be background checking employees. It may also have to do with liability as I sort of mentioned above.

If your Dad is Hospice eligible having a Hospice nurse in once a week would do quite a bit as far as checking on care and medications. And having a CNA that will come in and do a bath or shower is another set of eyes as well. And with Hospice you also have the availability of a volunteer that could come in and sit with Dad and visit for a while.
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