I will take over dad’s finances and live in a different state. Siblings live in different state and will want to know status as they take care of medical and home. No one lives in same state as dad yet.

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Do you use Excel and the Microsoft office suite?

if yes, you can put all the financial transactions into excel and share them in One Drive. You can set the spreadsheet to view only, so others cannot make changes.

It is easy to download bank statements into excel.

If you do not have excel you can use Google Sheets and save in your google drive. I prefer excel as it has greater functionality.

We use this system to keep track of finances for a family trust.
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Ditto to Gladimhere's good advice. More transparency is better than less, depending on what kind and size of assets you are overseeing.
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My bank has setup the ability for the account holder to allow others to "View Only" account information.

Otherwise download statements to email.

You as POA are not required by law to provide information to your sibs. In fact, it is your job to keep his information private. But, transparency will hopefully minimize any second guessing by the sibs.

See you are in Minnesota, U.S. Bank has the ability for online access by others.
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