My dad was bleeding from his testicles. I believe this is to do his refusal to change his Depends every time he relieves himself. I can usually get him to do it once a day, but no more. And some days, he absolutely refuses.

Last night, he soiled himself in the middle of the night and I couldn't get up, so the shower was out of the question. He was completely incoherent and I just had to let it go until morning when he was coherent enough to help me. This was just a couple of hours ago. While getting him up, we saw the blood.

I just got him showered and I think it's stopped bleeding. I can't really get a good look and it's all red from irritation anyway. I tried a clean paper towel and it came back clean.

Should I take him to the E.R.? I don't even know if I could get him in the car. I'll never get a doctor's appointment in this town. All are closed on the weekends and when I call on Monday they'll give me an appointment in May.

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Do you have an Urgent Care? Not the ER but an alternative to the Dr when you cant get an appointment? I have seen skin breakdown go to the bone, and its not pretty. So get him seen and hopefully its nothing but some irritation
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Laughlin Apr 8, 2019
We don't have that here. But I am keeping an eye on it. He just started refusing to change, so it's not like there are bad sores. The bleeding did stop after a good long shower and gentle scrubbing.
Not knowing you or your father, Take this advice with that in mind.

Do you have a nurse hotline you could call? Or a public health unit you can call? A health unit maybe closed for the weekend, but in my community they are a great source of help and information.

When was your Dad last in for a check up? Is refusing to change his depends a new thing?

Are you using any sort of barrier cream?

Me, if it were my Dad, I would take him to the hospital. The chance of infection is high if he is not changing often.
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Laughlin Apr 8, 2019
Thank you for the ideas. The bleeding stopped after a good, long shower and a lot of gentle scrubbing.

I called the doctor this morning and should get a response soon.

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