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Is she telling you this and expecting you to do something about it? What have you tried?
Could you maybe give her an anti acid tablet or a vitamin e or something as a placebo? Maybe give her some ginger ale?
Tell her, this will take care of the problem?
Or you might tell her you are sorry she has had to deal with that and see if she would drop it after you validatie her feelings.
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My guess is that this won’t help, but just trying… It occurs to me because in Australia, we would never call a bowel or bladder movement ‘going to the bathroom’. ‘Toilet’ is more common than ‘lavatory’, but the expressions ‘rest room’ and ‘powder room’ would make people laugh. Is it possible that your mother is interpreting how she feels as ‘going to the bathroom’ when she isn’t actually talking about the bathroom at all?
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So, has she been in the bathroom or not? Your post is confusing. If she’s actually in the bathroom sitting on the commode, I’d ask if she has stomach cramps and check to see if she’s actually going. Could she be constipated? Anxious about having an accident?

My grandson has anxiety issues. One of the symptoms of an impending anxiety attack is him telling his mom that his stomach hurts.

Maybe a call to her doctor to ask what they think?
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Redrobyn Mar 26, 2019
She has not been in the bathroom once, even though she says she has been running to the bathroom
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