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No. It's the policy of most that you bring things at your own risk. today my mil called from her NH . She claims my husband took his dad's phone. We live 90 miles away. my poor husband gets blamed for everything.
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Dear daynalbaker,

From what I understand at my grandmother's nursing home, the answer is no. They have everything labelled from the clothes to the walkers. If at all possible, I would try to not have anything too valuable in the room.
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daynalbaker52, I agree with GardenArtist above, read the Admissions documents to see what is says about lost items.

Sometimes other patients will wander into room and take things, other times the patient will give away their things. Or items like eye glasses can slip under the workings of a hospital bed, that is where I found my Mom's eyeglasses, they were up on the side where you couldn't see them. One of those small LED flashights did the trick for items under the bed :)
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That might be addressed in the admission documents. I'd check them out first before raising the issue with staff.

We have had experiences in which clothing washed by a rehab facility was lost. The first time I went down to the laundry room and asked to see what clothing hadn't been returned to rooms, and sure enough, there were several of my mother's outfits.

The second instance of lost clothing occurred during my father's last rehab. When I again raised the issue with the staff, one of the laundry workers managed to find one pair of trousers, but that's all.

All of these "lost" clothing items" were marked with my mother's or father's name and facility room number. I have no clue why anyone couldn't look on the clothing and see the name tags.

I hope you find whatever is missing.
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