Daughter is right. I would be willing to bet that there is something in the forms you signed when you placed your mom that disallows hidden cameras. In public buildings, which a nursing home is, signs must be posted (usually a decal on the door) saying surveillance cameras are in use. In addition, if Mom has a roommate, you could be charged with invading her privacy.

Every single facility out there is not a den of abuse and violence against its residents. My mother’s facility had a wonderful caring staff. She was there for four years and only once did I encounter a sullen and unfriendly aide. Daughter says if you have suspicions something is amiss, the best thing you can do is visit frequently, at different and unexpected times. She’s absolutely right and that’s what I did. I knew every shift but the night shift and they knew me. Observe the interactions they have with Mom and how she reacts to them.

Be very careful before you decide to place a hidden camera. If it’s discovered, you could face charges and be asked to remove your mom from the facility.
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I too have had good success with some facilities. One was outstanding for several years and we went there repeatedly, another outstanding one was in a different city, in which teaching hospitals were located, and another was top notch.

Success also depends on the ability of the family to learn how to work with the staff, just as any job would require. Tact, diplomacy, self researched knowledge to discuss with the staff, and recognition are necessary, just as they are with any employer. employee and client.

There are bad ones, and if you can't negotiate and address the problems, then you do have to look elsewhere. But starting out with a positive attitude is better than expecting problems w/o having any idea or tact to resolve them.

I see these situations as partnerships. People need to work together; sometimes they can, sometimes they can't.
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Please don’t let the advice/rant above invade your mind and make you believe that all nursing facilities are that. Simply not true. The best way to know your loved one is cared for is to show up for visits at varied times. The staff that knows you care will always care more themselves. Many people working in nursing home consider it to be their calling in life, far more than a job
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Byathread, one has to be very careful with hidden cameras as it is not impossible for these cameras to be hacked, thus one wouldn't want photos of their love one's on the Internet for everyone to see.

If you feel you are at a point where you need to watch via camera how your parent is being taken care of, then it is time to move to that parent to another nursing home.
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You might also be able to find some answers in the contract that was signed when your loved one went into the facility.
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Not in most. HIPAA and privacy laws restrict your ability to record persons without consent. Check your state laws.
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