Is it necessary to register Power of Attorney documents with the county where your elderly parent lives?

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I don't think it is required to register the Durable POA, but it is a good idea. If you are ever asked for a certified copy of it, which happened to me, they can make one for you.
When I drew up Mom's PoAs I had several "official" copies made, notarized and/or witnessed (how you have to do this depends on your state.) Then, whenever I need to give one to her bank or docs, I have extras. Also, I did mine online and they keep copies for you to download as needed.
I have never heard of "registering" the documents with a particular county, but the best thing to do is to find out the regulations in her state.
Having POA sure can help cut through a lot of red tape--both for financial and health issues. I had both for my Mom-and was given answers to most quesions that I had. No it is not necessary to have POA-but it nakes things much easier.....when the legal document was drawn up by my Mon and the attorrney, I then made copies to give out as needed...
Is it necessary to have the medical "health documents" if you have a POA?
How do you do a POA online?
how do I sign up for a POA online?
I had financial POAs for my brother and sister-in-law who lived in NC. I bought a POA package of forms, had them notarized when we signed them, and filed them with the clerk of the court. I think it depends on the state they live in

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