My father has had vascular dementia for some years and up till now he has suffered with delusions and has found it become increasingly harder to find his words. However, he is now having problems with feces incontinence. Is this an inevitable part of having Vascular Dementia?

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Thank you for your answers JoAnn and cwillie. It is a great problem -
a) because my dad really and truly doesn’t think there is anything wrong with him ie dementia and
b) he refuses all help and gets very frustrated and depressed about his failing abilities.
He is nearly 89 and is also completely blind from macular degeneration.
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Yes, they forget how to go to the bathroom. Does Dad have a certain time of day this happens. If so, maybe sitting on the toilet about that time will help. With urinating, have him go every couple of hours. Its like potty training but in reverse.
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I think incontinence is inevitable with any advanced dementia. I used to toilet my mother after meals to cut down on changes.
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