My grandmother is 93 years old, blind, diagnosed with dementia about 10 years ago but still pretty lucid. Five months ago we had to place her in a nursing home. All was well until about 3 weeks ago. She has become bedridden, on diapers full time, is in a deep sleep most of the time unless we wake her up so she can be spoon fed. Even putting her dentures on has become the most difficult task....she appears to fall asleep while trying to put in her dentures. I do not know what to make of the situation. Is this the dementia, old age or is she dying?

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Papeta, I believe after 10 years that Grandmother is unable to help herself and needs a lot of hands-on care. Check with Grandmother's doctor at the nursing home to get his/her opinion. Have the doctor check Grandmother's pills, there could be one that is making her very sleepy.

At 93, anyone would be tired, that's a long time to live, and usually one's energy has gone up and went.... there are exceptions, my parents were in their early 90's and were still walking 2 miles per day, come rain or shine. But eventually time caught up with them, and they passed a few years later.
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