The constant restlessness has to be so tiring....any relief with CBD oil?

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I take CBD oil. I don’t have Alz. The reason I take it is for anxiety and pain. It helps. I also sleep better. I was taking ibuprofen and can skip it now for the most part. I don’t take any other meds.

Many people take it for anxiety and pain.
The reason I started taking it is because my aunt, in her 80s with Parkinson’s and dementia was put on hospice a few months ago.
She was down to 94 lbs, was no longer verbal. Had the facial expression and shuffle of a Parkinson’s patient. My cousin called me one day (in June of this year) wanting to bring her mom by to see me. Wanted to surprise me. Said her mom was talking. I was out of town so I didn’t get to see her that day. But I was worried about my cousin. I hadn’t really heard of cbd oil at that time. I was concerned because I thought she must be mistaken.
My sons FIL had passed from Parkinson’s. He was nonverbal. One day he was given a new drug and he talked one day and then never again. I was concerned it was a phenomenon like that. It’s been a tough slough for my cousin caring for her parents.

But not to worry, slowly and surely she has gotten better. I wish I could show you the video of my cousin and aunt dancing at a Christmas party that she just sent me while I’m tapping this out on my phone to you. They looked so beautiful and happy.
She now gets up to go to the bathroom. Still in Disposables but she is aware. She pays attention to her surroundings. Notices pretty things. Recognized my voice, if not me, when I did see her. ( she sounds like 97 she told my cousin after hearing me talk). Laughs and talks on the phone. Understands what she’s asked. Answers correctly. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not cured but she is so much better it’s amazing. Her neurologist knows of the drops ( cousin got ok before starting it) and has taken her off all her meds except the Parkinson’s med that helps with the shaking. Carb Levo is the one she is still on. The CBD has given her a quality of life she didn’t have before.
I stayed with my aunt one day back in August, so my cousin could go to her daughters college graduation. I could tell she was better since June. She was reading things to me. She goes to the senior center each day for lunch. One day cousin asked her what time did the big clock say. Aunt told her the time. The next time I saw her, back in October, I hugged her and patted her on the back. I must have patted her more than I realized. She asked me if I was finished with her back. She’s so funny and enjoys making us laugh. She’s very sweet, like a precious child in her demeanor. She has gained four lbs so she’s up to 98 now. I know that sounds too thin but she looks healthy. Very attractive.
On the other hand cousin won’t give it to her dad. Afraid he’ll want to drive again.
Make sure you get it from a trusted source if you decide to try it. Read the label. The one I take only has MCI (coconut oil) as a carrier. It doesn’t need sweeteners etc.
It comes in cinnamon or peppermint or natural.
Oh yes, another family member takes it for migraines. Helps her too.

we use the drops under the tongue. No THC in ours.
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In caring for my 89, grandmother with Alzheimer’s, I found extreme success with edibles containing both THC and CBD. Something about both compounds rather than just one seems to be the key. The best are chocolates or gummies with equal parts amounts of THC/CBD that can be easily split up and purchased from a medical dispensary so as to regulate dosage. Again everyone is different and reacts differently but I found once we found the right dosage and her appetite returned, all of her symptoms improved since she now eats 3 meals and exercises, I have since taken her off all but her heart medication.
Before trying the edibles, she was refusing to eat and lost considerable weight, was always lethargic, disagreeable. She has always liked sweets so getting her to eat a piece of medicated chocolate was easy and the change was almost immeadiate. In the beginning when she was just regaining her appetite, I was making her morning smoothies packing in blueberries, yogurt, coconut water/oil, dark chocolate, turmeric, ginger, etc.
Now a few months later, she is eating on her own, going to the bathroom on her own, she still sundowns and has trouble staying asleep at night. Still experimenting on the right dosage levels but so far it’s been a miracle for us.
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I suggest you Google it and include the term "scholarly articles" look at sites that include the NIH. You will find a Cocheran review that states lack of evidence. I suggest you save your money.
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