Where to find an inexpensive "call button " that my father can use to call me in the house?


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We purchased from Amazon an alarm system which consisted of a receiver which we kept with us and (2) call buttons with lanyards. We put one lanyard around Dad's neck and the other on his front door so that the caretaker's that were coming in could be announced to us (we live next door). This has worked wonderful for around the house.
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We have been using the wireless doorbell with great success. The one I purchased came with two buttons. One is on Mom's walker and the other is next to the toilet. The bell part is in the upstairs hallway of the main house.
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Do you mean Dad is in his bedroom and wants to call you in the kitchen?

Do you have a cell phone? If you program its number into speed dial on a phone in Dad's bedroom he'd only have to press that button and your phone would ring. That would even work if you are outside, or in the basement, etc. (Just remember to have the phone on you at all times.)

The kind of baby monitor that lets you listen and also speak could work. You carry the monitor part with you. I used that with my mother. There is the expense to buy the monitor, but there are no continuing fees.

When I was bedbound after surgery once, my husband gave me a very loud whistle. If I needed something I whistled! (It was kind of fun, but I'm glad it only lasted a few days.)

The cell phone and the whistle idea depend on the user having enough cognitive skill to remember to use it. My dear mother never figured out how to press the call button in her nursing home room. When she stayed with me the baby monitor worked because I could hear her stirring in her room. I told just to holler my name if she needed me, but she never once did that.

A motion sensor might be an idea to consider, especially if a big concern is Dad shouldn't get up and walk without help. These can work for a chair or a bed. That is what the nursing home used to be aware when my mother tried to get up from her chair or bed.

Welcome to our forum, Sue! I hope you'll find some meaningful advice and suggestions here.
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If he isn't able to push a button using a baby monitor is another good option, you can get two way voice and also video options.
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One idea is a battery doorbell.  You give Dad the doorbell button so he can push on that to get your attention.... and the ringer itself you place somewhere in the middle of the house so you can hear it.

I had the ringer on a bookcase near the bottom of the stairs, and whenever the cat [yes, the cat] wanted to come in the house, she would step on the doorbell button.  Your question just gave me an idea, this same cat recently had a stroke and has trouble walking, I think I will try to see if she will use the doorbell if she wants me to come to her.
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