In the last 6 weeks, my mother (99) cannot get up from bed, chair, is very forgetful and does not comprehend. Is she near stages of death?


My mother is close to 99 years old. Mother took a fall this past October, broke her pelvis, went to rehab and was doing fairly well. In the last 6 weeks, she cannot get up from bed, chair, etc., is very forgetful and does not comprehend. My sister, my brother and myself are at wits end. She is hard of hearing so it’s very hard to have a conversation with her. She sometimes has bowel movements and doesn’t even realize it and she urinates about 3 times a day. Her doctor says she’s well. Is she completely to the near stages of death.

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A fractured pelvis is very painful & maybe that is why. Try to give her Tylenol (comes in liquid) or ibuprofen one hour prior before you get her up. She may even need a narcotic pain medication.
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I would get another opinion. In the meantime, ask Dr. for an order for Hospice. They will come and evaluate. They will make her final days comfortable. A nurse comes out regularly and you can have an aide for bathing and maybe enough time to get out for a while. Diapersvare free and I think Meds. All covered by Medicare.
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Joanne, welcome to the forum.... with your Mom being hard of hearing, that in itself can disrupt someone's world. It can make a person feel alone at this stage of their life. If your Mom is forgetful, well that is part of aging. It's normal.

If your Mom isn't wearing a Depend type garment, time to get her into one. If she is already using them, it isn't unusual for someone her age to have lost some of her physical feelings and not realize she needs to have her Depend changed. Again, normal.

What does your Mom's primary doctor have to say about Mom not being able to get up from her bed or chair? Again, I believe it is just part of aging. It's normal. I had to get my Dad [90's] a lift-recliner for him to use as he had one heck of a time getting up and out of the recliner. For his bed, we used a small side bed-rail which worked great.

I also bet that your Mom doesn't eat very much. As we age, we do lose our sense of taste, except for sugary items. Again, normal. Plus at 99, your Mom isn't using up a lot of calories so she won't feel like she needs to eat as much.

If your Mom was near death, she would have been placed on Hospice care. Her doctor said she is doing well, then she is doing well for her age.
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