A nurse told me thàt is what caused it, after that since she coulď not walk. She went down hill, I took her out of ther but it was too late. She eñď up passing away due to elder abuse. I do not understand why no one is held responible. Please explain this to me . She went in thè ènď of Jan. And passed away thè enď of March.

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You can't "put on a compression sore".
You get decubitus ulcers or compression sores from prolonged pressure. (Like shoulders, buttocks and heels on a mattress.)
No one can "put" them there but it sounds as if they weren't turning her every 2-3 hours to relieve the pressure. If she was bedridden, she should have had a gel or foam mattress or alternating air mattress to help with preventing the sores.

I would first arrange a meeting with the director of nurses and have her chart available. Have her explain to you what happened. Then, depending on the outcome, you can contact an attorney that specializes in elder law or the ombudsman for the facility. Their number is usually posted in public view in the building your mom was in.

I'm sorry this happened. You should investigate further.
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Thànks foŕ the information, i have spoke with one àttorney she is suppose to get bàck with me.
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What was happening between January and March. Did you or other family members visit? Did you suspect abuse was going on? Did you report it? Did the staff tell you that Mom refused to get up? A “compression sore was put on by the aides”? If Mom refused to get up the staff couldn’t force her. The staff are not going to tell on themselves. If you suspect and/or have proof of abuse, you need to contact an elder law attorney and your state ombudsman.
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What do you mean a sore. Was it on the heal? Was she diabetic? Even if the aides caused the problem, it's the LPN or RN who deals with it. Aides do not do wound care. Their job is to inform the Nurse on duty that there is a problem. My Dad had blisters from the bed. He was admitted with red areas called pressure points. He should have had an air mattress upon admittion to keep from having the blisters form. Call your County Ombusman to investigate.
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