I'm tryjng get some information on my mother who cares for my grandad. I want to know if she is able to get income for caring for him.


My grandad got lung cancer, brain cancer, congested heart failure with little signs of dementia.

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greentammy41, if your grandad served in the military during wartime and he is financially eligible for a Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Pension (A&A) benefit (up to $1,830/month for a single veteran), then he can use that monthly benefit to pay your mom for providing the care he needs. The care has to be provided via a personal care agreement (PCA) for his documented care needs and at reasonable hourly rates. Information about the VA's A&A benefit is available on the VA's website and you could also contact his State Veterans Services office. The PCA should also conform to your state's Medicaid rules so as to not result in a Medicaid penalty period should your grandad need Medicaid assistance in the future.
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greentammy41, a vast majority of grown children do not get paid for taking care of their parent.... unless the parent can pay the grown child from their own retirement fund. If your Grand-dad can do that, then it would be best for your Mom to draw up an employment agreement.

Otherwise, if your Grand-dad can apply and be accepted by Medicaid [which is different from Medicare], and depending on your State [Medicaid is State run] programs, if the State does pay the pay would be very minimal.
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