I have osteoarthritis in my knees and back. Also, rheumatoid arthritis which is causing fatigue and the pain from both is limiting my mobility worse than ever. The shots in my knees no longer work and the surgery on my back was not successful as it was for degenerative disc disease not the osteoarthritis that didn't show up on mri or ct scan prior to surgery. The surgeon only knew once he opened my back up.

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On previous posts you have asked pretty much the same question. I think our members have given pretty good information.

Medicare does not pay for homecare unless its rehab and that is not longterm.

If you are low income, Medicaid may pay for an aide to come help. Call your local office to see what services they provide. Ask if they have a program or know of one to pay a family member to care for you.

Office of Aging may have services. Check with them to see if there are Agencies that will train and pay a family member to care for you.

Call around to Healthcare Agencies to see if they have a training program. I know the State of PA has this type of program.

The problem we have on this forum is we are from all over the US, Canada, the UK and other countries have chimed in. So we are not able to tell you what specifically is in your area. Just give you ideas. Call your doctors and see if they have any information on help you may be able to get. Good Luck in your search.
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This is not an agency. It’s an online support forum. As noted before in your other post, other than Medicaid or VA assistance, spouses are seldom paid to provide care. It’s assumed to be provided by virtue of vows. You could apply for assistance thru Medicaid to be paid to another person so husband can work.
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