My mom is 86 many health problems. I became her caregiver after my dad died. Can I get any help with paying my health insurance?


2007 I left my job. I can not keep paying my health insurence. I am the care givers for my mother. We live off my savings. My insurance went up to 1300 a month. I can’t go back to work my mom needs me. I’m running low on my funds. I have one more year to get my SS.

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Thank you everyone for your help. I have so much to find out about now,but at least you all gave me a direction to go in.Thank you so much. Feeling lost out here, now I see a 💡 light.
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Auddie, what state are you in? Here in CA, if you earn less than approximately 16K, you qualify for Medi-Cal (Medicaid) health insurance. I earn somewhat more than that (my dad pays me for caregiving and I have a bit of other types of income) and I qualify for CA's Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") which is called Covered California, so I have Kaiser insurance with a large subsidy.
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Auddie, kudos to you for taking care of your mom.  To qualify for insurance assistance through the Affordable Care Act, your income has to be at least at "poverty level" (roughly $12,000/year). You could get this level of income by having your mom pay you via a personal care agreement (PCA). You would need to pay income and SS taxes on this income, but the health care insurance premium help (along with possibly increasing your future SS benefit) could make it well worth the taxes. If you go this route, make sure the PCA conforms to your state's Medicaid rules so these payments won't be considered to be gifts by Medicaid should your mom need that assistance in the future.
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Did you get your health insurance through the Marketplace? I was automatically given a subsidy that pays more than half of my premium.
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Auddie, when situations happen like this for a caregiver, it is time to look into other options for your Mom's care. I doubt if Mom was in her 40's she would be ok of you leaving your job and health insurance, so why would be ok with it now?

Can your Mom pay you to be her caregiver? If yes, then you would need to draw up an employment agreement. This document becomes very valuable if Mom needs to go into a Nursing Home using Medicaid [which is different from Medicare].

As for Social Security, don't be surprised when you see the amount. I had worked most of my adult life but my SS isn't anything to write home about. How does the Federal government expect us to live off of that amount??? Plus Medicare will take a bite of that Social Security every month.

If your Mom really needs full-time care, maybe it is time to think about Assisted Living if your Mom can budget for it and if she can be approved by the facility to be a good candidate for Assisted Living. On average AL runs around $6k per month depending on where you live.

If Mom needs skilled care, then the next step would be a Nursing Home, and if Mom cannot budget the cost, which is around $10k per month, then see if Mom can be approved for Medicaid which will pay for her room/board and care.

So much to think about !!
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