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Hi Lightman,
If your body is not in sleep mode, why force it? Are you dealing with depression?

It's much healthier to listen to your bodies needs. If you can't naturally sleep in the daytime, don't. And if you have a medical reason to need to be zonked out daily, I'm sure your Dr would be addressing the issue. Good luck.
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HolidayEnd am I? lol
Now I can sound clever and tell people I meditate. hahaha

Thank you :)
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Buzzybee—You’re meditating Buzzybee style. That’s a great way to relax.
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Do you need a nap every day? I take an ‘old’ benzodiazepine (it’s been on the market since the 1960s) to relax at bedtime. I’ve taken two naps a day for the last few months because I’m recovering from a illness. But normally I nap if I’m tired but don’t if I’m not sleepy.

Reading makes me sleepy and Sleepy Time tea (with valerian) is great. It’s found at the grocery with the other tea. It’s herbal.
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Why do you need a Nap? Why does it have to be with a tablet?

If you nap during the day, surely that would make it a little harder to sleep at night time?

I recently put this for someone else. Also, personally, I think a good 'RELAX' is almost as good as an extra sleep. :)

This is what I do, to try and sleep. Good luck.
I am not sure what you call it but I have a routine I do nightly that might help?

Lay, comfortably, in bed.
Start with some deep breathing, until you start relaxing.
Now, starting with your feet, tense them (clench) Hold for a little while and relax them.
Now do exactly the same with the calf's (calves??)- The next bit up from the feet (hehehe)
I do the same with the thighs then I slowly work up the rest of my body to my head.
IN MY HEAD I try and relax my jaw, then with my eyes closed I lower my eyes. This gives me an 'inside head' view of about 1 x inch. Now I try and see one item or thing in the centre. Does not always work but mostly (sometimes it seems to go to the left or right) But find what suits you.
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