My mom has always been very independent and nice to people ....3 yrs ago in March she had a blood clot and I took care of her. When my sister started threatening her about the nursing home I told her to plz protect her medical and she or I did not have to listen to the threats anymore. She decided she didn't want to mess with anything and so she gave me her power of attorney. Now she is almost mean to me when she talks to me if she talks it's only about her. She has 3 incomes her state retirement, her survivors benefits, and social security. And we have my income and now that my sister was sick last year she didn't go up there and it's like my sister holds a grudge and now my Mom gets fixated on all that cus my sister won't be around her. But she barely acknowledges me and she is always saying she don't treat me like a person. And she ignores me so if she knows that she treats me like a ficture why don't she stop instead of everyday running me down with that cause she will then deny it then she acts like she don't hear me. Now that it's making me forget myself more less. She seems happy and it sounds strange I'm sure to you all reading this ..but I will have bad anxiety attacks and I've got a blockage and my voice constantly is shaking and so the Dr. said I'm more or less constantly hyperventalating. But she don't seem to care about me or my well being at all, so everytime I ask her what she wants to do she will swear she quit showing any care for anyone and she has to stop to that and start caring but she don't. I was gonna put her in a place that her insurance don't cover and it was $100 daily for a few weeks. Went ahead and got her necessities and all. And she will guilt me that's when she treats me human otherwise she ignores me. I don't know if she goes to like a rehab where she needs help w dealing with reality if they take her whole income or not. I have so much confusion it's definitely not helping my anxiety. But I also feel bad cause it's not the money regardless what happens to me she knows I will do her health and all first of all. But I really don't know what happens can they take it all cause after me getting sick from everything I know now it's gonna be a few months before I'm getting better and dealing with everything, but some I ask I'm more confused by there answer so my question though it seems cruel is ...if she is somwhere temporary will they take her whole income of three checks and can they? I have complete power of attorney so could someone if you know plz help me with the answer. Thanks for reading believing more or less.

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If it's her house, you can use her money to pay her repair bills, her utilities bills, or indeed to get the house ready for sale if she were to move permanently into long term care, or to maintain it if she plans to remain there. What you can't do is use her money to support yourself.

If your mother needs in-patient treatment for a mental health condition, or rehab, or whatever; then you should use her income to pay for it. If her income doesn't cover the treatment, you could ask the providers to suggest where she might find help with paying.

If you have been living with and caring for your mother and she has been supporting you because you have been unable to work, nobody is going to come after you for that. But you must start re-establishing your independence - talk to your social services about how they can help you, and what benefits you might be entitled to claim while you're getting life sorted out.
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Bales; I'm a bit confused. You say that there is really nothing wrong with your mom, but that clearly isn't the case.

Your profile says that mom has depression. Depression is a real illness; she deserves treatment!

She is 68 years of age; does she have Medicare Parts A and B? Is she on Medicaid?

You are paying her bills from her income stream, right? And you are worried that if she goes into a psychiatric facility, they will take her income?

Am I following this correctly?

What does her doctor say about what treatment she needs? Let's start there.
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So how would I have a right to pay the house off n things if she needs help cus the power of attorney cus she wanted me to have it cus she don't want to take care of nothing
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I'm not working on do make sure all her bills are paid n she has what she needs she just won't understand she can't buy my sister's love n she tries behind my back is the worse part cus it causes a financial problem cus of the secrets
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It isn't a simple situation, but there is one simple answer. Your mother's income, all of it, can be used only to pay for her bills and her care.

I hope you're not using her money for anything else. Are you..?

Having power of attorney for your mother places you in a position of trust, with special responsibilities for managing her money for her.

Are you still working, and receiving your own income from that?
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