I need someone to just ask questions before I do my taxes. Please help with what forms I need.


I applied for an extension through e-file. I sold my property but bought something else. Please help with what forms I need.

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Please provide more information as to what kind of property you sold and what kind of property you bought.
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Connieespo, you can go to the IRS website page and look in the search mode for the forms. Please note when you ask for an extension you need to mail a check to IRS the amount that you think you owe along with the signed extension. If you send in a check that is way too low, then there will be penalties. If you feel you will get a refund, no need for that check.

The deadline for the extension was back on April 18th to avoid late payment charges.

I agree with Cmagnum above, talk to a CPA. 
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It sounds like you need to see a CPA for help with your taxes.
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