My mom has dementia and I want to have a caregiver, meal maker, companion come in a few days a week to help her. My brother comes for a few weeks and then I take care of her for a few weeks, but we cannot keep doing this indefinitely?? We have lives to live as well.

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Who has POA for finances or health? Either of you?
If neither then one or the other will need to obtain Guardianship in order to make decisions for her. This includes her care. And paying for her care.
Mom's assets should be used in paying for a caregiver.
Are you and your brother actually taking turns moving into mom's house and living there full time for the weeks you are "on duty"? Do either of you work? Mom should not be left alone.
Contact your local Area Agency on Aging to determine what is available in your area and what services she might qualify for.
It might be better if mom were placed in Memory Care so that she is take care of full time in a facility that has the right set up and equipment to care for her.
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