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My dad just saw a doctor for this. He can’t stand to put drops in his eyes. If by chance you or anyone shares this issue, the doctor he saw prescribed a cream for dry eyes that is placed on the lids at bedtime and works its way into the eyes as he sleeps. It’s working well and is much easier for him to use
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Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions. One of my friends had excellent experience with eye drops DipyEye. ( Do you know something about them? I am thinking of ordering them. He says dry eye symptoms have cleared up completely using these drops.
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Just so I m not confusing anyone.
'Hypromellose' is the 'proper name' for artificial tears. It is not a brand name.

There are a lot of good brand name products out there but we always used the generic one. Money was tight and it is so much cheaper.
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I have dry eye as well. While you’re waiting to get your appointment at your eye doctor you could try over the counter drops to see if they have any relief. I get the most relief from Systane Ultra preservative free single use a couple of time a day, augmented by regular systane ultra drops when I’m out.  I also have tear drop plugs my eye doctor installed. I was on the prescription drops restasis but it’s not effective for everyone and it didn’t help and I went off it. Eye doctor told me to take 2 fish oil capsules a day. Drink a lot of water. 
Avoid fans, heaters, blow dryers, blowing from the car ac unit or defroster and wind. Use your sunglasses a lot. Not a fun condition. Have it professionally evaluated. 
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As Jeannegibbs says - see your eye doctor.
This is my opinion. :)

The chemist will have LOADS of things they can sell you - over the counter (without prescription)
BUT The generic name for what they mostly are is -   'Hypromellose'   (is the one I use) 
MOST chemists will have their own make of this (In England one chemist brand is called Newmark) These are a great deal cheaper than the branded products.

Are you in Air conditioning?
Or by a fan?
Are you very tired?
Do you blink much - you need to. It moistens the eye ball.
Are you on a computer a lot?
Travelling near an open window (or in an open top car)
Are you constipated? Straining a lot will give you the little red blood vestles.
There Are so many things that can dry it out.

Good Luck
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Soothe eye drops. eye specialist recommended
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My eye doctor recommended artificial tears eyedrops, and placing a warm washcloth over the eyes several times a day. Ask your pharmacist for eye drop recommendations. It would be a good idea to have your eyes check by an eye doctor, too.
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